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jwz's recommendations [Dec. 7th, 2004|05:58 pm]
[Current Music |Big Bad City - St. Vitus Dance]

All you iTunes Music Store using, DNA Lounge inhabitanting, jwz fanboys and girls should go rate this playlist at iTMS (link only works if you have itunes installed). The songs in the playlist are songs from jwz's three music recommendation gruntles from 2002, 2002 (part 2) and 2003 plus maybe a song or two that he's mentioned in livejournal. You don't have to buy anything, just rate the playlist. The more people who vote for it, the more likely iTMS users will see it and maybe this will help promote some of the indie bands on the list in some infinitesimal way. Yes, there's a lot missing but the list can only have stuff the store sells. I'm surprised it has this much.
UPDATE: Here's the playlist for the iTMS impaired. I copied this from the mail they sent when I recently updated the list. Too bad they don't list the album too.

Song Name Artist

Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n Roll Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Work It Out Brassy
Who Stole the Show Brassy
Crushed Collide
Coin-Operated Boy The Dresden Dolls
How He Wrote Elastica Man Elastica
Glass Danse The Faint
Silver Screen Shower Scene Felix da Housecat
Everything Is OK Halou
Obstacle 1 Interpol
Charlotte Kittie
Leper Ministry
Sharks Morphine
Black Limbo My Scarlet Life
Metal (Remix) Nine Inch Nails
Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me Oingo Boingo
Reptiles and Samurai Oingo Boingo
Ich Bin Ein Auslander Pop Will Eat Itself
Menofearthereaper Pop Will Eat Itself
Sweet Water Kill (The Ocean Song) Rasputina
DwarfStar Rasputina
Watch T.V. Rasputina
The Donner Party Rasputina
Wish You Were Here Rasputina
Flippin' tha Bird Ruby
You and Your Friend Snake River Conspiracy
Lovesong Snake River Conspiracy
Somebody Hates You Snake River Conspiracy
Vulcan Snake River Conspiracy
Dirty Hole VAST
Pretty When You Cry VAST
Maps Yeah Yeah Yeahs

[User Picture]From: endico
2004-12-29 06:12 am (UTC)


I just added songs from http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/music2004.html

Artist Album Song
Jill Tracy Diabolical Streak The Proof
Tricky Vulnerable Hollow
The Kills Keep on Your Mean Side Monkey 23
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